• Bae Byoungjun, Director-General of Health Policy Bureau of Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare and overseas representatives visited the construction site of Zhejiang International Medical Center



    On the morning of December 18th, at the invitation of Zhu Yaochuan, President of Zhejiang Council for Health Services Promotion (HSP) and Ying Zheng, General Manager of XIZI UHC, Bae ByoungjunDirector-General of Health Policy Bureau of KoreaMinistry Health and Welfare lead a Korean Health Delegation to the construction site of Zhejiang International Medical Center (ZIMC). The members of the delegation are Park Wooseob and Park Jihye, Deputy Directors, Office for Population Policy, Division of Global Health Care, Kim Jisu, Director-General of Korea Health Development Institute (KHIDI) China Branch, Lee kyoungryul, President of SCL cooperation. Other representatives include Tsai Sulin, Consultant of Taiwan Medical Development Foundation (TMDF), Li Jing, Senior Official of the UKConsulate General in Shanghai and experts, representatives of related enterprises from Taiwan, the UK and the USA altogether 40 people.


    Guided by Mr. Zhu and Mr. Ying, representatives visited the construction site of ZIMC, including the sites of outpatient and inpatient departments.  After visiting, Mr. Bae and other visitors participated in a symposium with representatives of HSP and XIZI UHC. In the symposium,  Mr. Bae and Yang Chengcheng, CFO of XIZI UHC introduced the latest development of ZIMC. Furthermore, participants had a heated discussion on international cooperation, equipments introduction, policies support, fund raising and overall planning.


    ZIMC’s goal is to build a top-level medical center, research center and translational medicine center in China. Its plan is to focus on developing certain clinical specialty’s advantages on the basis of establishing a general hospital by introducing top-level domestic and international medical resources and management experiences. ZIMC will comply with JCI standards and provide the best medical services and healthcare management to patients. Besides, it will launch telemedicine program and international consultation.


    The first phase of ZIMC will complete its construction and put into practice in 2016. It will be an Open-ended medical center: an inclusive platform allowing the sharing of medical equipments, facilities, IT systems and faculties. XIZI UHC applies world’s most reliable and advanced techniques and equipments to its medical services and strives to meet patients’ needs of comfort and convenience. ZIMC will provide an ideal international cooperation platform to the related enterprises, institutes and licensed doctors practicing at multiple sites. Furthermore, XIZI UHC will make ZIMC a best construction mode and a new medical ecosystem in big data times.