• The Acceptance Meeting of HSP R&D Projects has been held


        On 20th December, 2016, "2015 Di'an Cup" ——The Acceptance Meeting of HSP R&D Projects has been held in Health and Family Planning Commission. There are 5 key projects and other 9 projects were checked and accepted.


        The meeting was hosted by HSP vice president Mr. He Hongbo who is also as the director of Zhejiang Hospital Development Center. President Ge Zhongliang of Zhejiang Medical Information Association managed the work of projects acceptance in the meeting. The participating experts are: Director Ren Xuyi of Di'an Diagnostics R&D Center, Prof. Dong Hengjin of Medical School, Zhejiang University, Prof. Chen Jian of the First Clinical Medical School, Zhejiang TCM University and Director Jiao Yangwen of R&D Department , the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

        The expert board analyzed the whole projects from the perspective of research progress, features & creative ideas and promotion value etc. The experts pointed out the drawbacks in the research and gave out the advice for improvement. They expected that each research team can deepen the study to further explore the features and highlights in the projects which can be better applied into practice in a wider range.At the end of the meeting, all the members of expert board came to a concensus after a thorough discussion. After 2 years intensive study and practical reform, The 14 projects were properly finalized to reach the anticipated goals which met with the Acceptance standard.

        The organization of The Acceptance Meeting of HSP R&D Projects will promote relative R&D activities in the near future. Next step, HSP will assist in realizing the mission of "Think Tank" building for Zhejiang Health Industry. HSP committed to create eco-environment for the development of Zhejiang Health Industry.