• 2016 The 2nd Zhejiang International Health Industry Expo Accelerated the Development of Zhejiang Health Industry


    On 20th October, 2016, The 2nd Zhejiang International Health Industry Expo was successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.The Expo attracts more than 120 companies and organizations to perform their best products and cutting-edge technologies, such as Huadong Pharmaceutical co., Ewell Technology co., China Life Insurance, Health-100, etc. The total exhibition area covered nearly 10,000 m2.

    Deputy Director Mr. Si Jianmin of CPPCC visited the Expo

    Deputy Secretary-general Mr. Li Yunlin of Zhejiang People's Government and Minister Mr. Cameron Dick of Queensland Health Department, Australia visited the Expo.

    16 concurrent events were organized during the expo including Zhejiang International Health Industry Summit, Symposium for Health Industry Projects and Zhejiang Hospital Conference, etc.



    On 20th Oct, 2016 Zhejiang International Health Industry Summit were held


    The International Summit for Aged-care & Medical Care

    Symposium for Zhejiang Health Industry Projects

    The Conference for the Combination of Health Management & Health Insurance